Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sunday Morning Patriotism

According to Google, Lord Carnarvon''s peroration on second reading of the British North America Act (Canada's founding Constitutional document) in the British House of Lords is not to be found on the Internet. One of the benefits of blogging is that it is possible to cure such things.

In geographical area this Confederation of the British North American Provinces is even now large - it may become one day second only in extent to the vast territories of Russia - and in population, in revenue, in trade, in shipping, it is superior to the Thirteen Colonies when, not a century ago, in the Declaration of Independence, they became the United States of America. We are laying the foundation of a great state - perhaps one which at a future day may even overshadow this country. But, come what may, we shall rejoice that we have shown neither indifference to their wishes nor jealousy of their aspirations, but that we honestly and sincerely, to the utmost of our power and knowledge, fostered their growth, recognizing in it the conditions of our own greatness.

Update: On the subject of patriotism, Peter Levine has an excellent post on why it is important that it be taught in schools, taking Harry Brighouse of crooked timber to task in the process. Man, I am becoming an old fart, because I nodded all the way through.

Later update: Lord Carnarvon's speech is now here.

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