Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mea Culpa

I come to the conclusion that I was full of crap in the comment thread to this post at Lawyers, Guns and Money.

A bit of background, then the confession and hopefully the absolution.

Those who pay attention to liberal American blogs know that Joe Lieberman is the hate figure of the week. There is a national campaign, heavily promoted in the liberal blogosphere, to support Ned Lamont as his challenger in the Democratic primary for Conneticut senator next month.

Pith and Substance is opposed to Lieberman's pro-Iraq pro-"War on Terror" line. But some of the criticisms are unhinged. One of the nicknames for Lieberman floating around the 'sphere is "Rape Gurney Joe." This refers to Lieberman's opposition to a Conneticut state law that would require Catholic Hospitals with Emergency Rooms to provide "Plan B" contraception in opposition to the Church's doctrine.

Pith and Substance takes a strong line in favour of state funding of religiously-provided social services, and a dim view of the whole anti-Lieberman campaign. So venturing where angels have sense enough not to, I descended into the comment thread.

Alas, unlike Daniel I was quickly eaten by the predators lurking below. I can't help agreeing that no abstract principle - including religious autonomy - can justify sacrificing the real interests of rape victims. (The only thing worth sacrificing to an abstract principle is another abstract principle.) While I would like to think that Lieberman was correct to think that there were alternatives that would have allowed rape victims access to emergency contraception without requiring Catholic institutions to be the ones dispensing it, I don't actually know that it is possible, which means I should have shut up.

Thee Pithlord was raised with the rather vague general confession of the Anglican Communion, and so isn't totally familiar with how to purge the sin of pride (along with wrath, the abiding deadly sin of the blogosphere). Assistance (and reasonably-priced indulgences) are gratefully received.


Colleen said...

I think the "predators" treated you pretty well (and you are no bunny yourself). Good job all around I'd say.

PithLord said...

Much appreciated.

MSS said...

This post is more affirmation for those of us who love the Pithlord.

Well done.