Thursday, July 26, 2007

Jack Layton, Enemy of the Earth?

I received a political message from a mustachioed gentleman responsible for Canada's social democratic party yesterday. In consultative style, it asked me what I thought the highest priority for my elected representatives should be, although it must be admitted that the choices were presented in a persuasive, rather than social-scientific.

One of six or so choices was "Ending Gouging at the Gas Pump." (This along with fighting ATM Fees.) This seems a bit odd, since I thought it widely accepted in progressive circles that higher gas prices are a good thing. Indeed, it is sound left-wing policy to impose a Pigovian tax on carbon consumption. I suppose the lure of populist ignorance about the workings of microeconomics proved a bit too tempting.

Does Dion have the subtlety of touch necessary to exploit this? Probably not.

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