Friday, April 27, 2007

Death of a feature

I recently heard from an old friend who hates blogs:

Blogges are the work of the Anti-Christ. Most of them, anyway, yours saves itself by having something resembling a focus that cannot actually be described as "another misinformed voter's partisan thoughts on the War and the [Insert hated party here]."

This was from an old friend, mind you, so I can't be sure whether the exemption to the general anatehma was intended to save my feelings. But, in any case, I will no longer qualify for it, since I am going to end the feature that gives this blog such focus as it has. There will be no more snarky Supreme Court of Canada reviews.

For those of you hurting at this news, I can only hint that there will be a new participant on Osgoode's The Court blog whose style may seem strangely familiar. In accordance with Osgoode's strict rules on the subject, this person will have to use his real name, and will be expected to use a spell checker and refrain from accusing the Supreme Court of treason.

Misinformed thoughts on the War and partisan politics will continue to be found here.

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