Saturday, April 21, 2007

Double Doubles, Doughnuts and Doctorates

The Guardian makes fun of a York grad student who has finished his dissertation on the impact of doughnuts on Canadian culture. His family and friends are just relieved it's over.

Actually, I suspect the new Dr. Penfold's work should be seriously considered by political scientists. In the last election, the Tories finally closed their Canadian-icon-gap with the Liberals with the hoky image of Harper as hockey-dad-with-Timbits. Since the Tories (and, even more, the Reform/Alliance) have long been tarred with a vaguely treasonous Yankee-lover quality,* this probably won the election for them.

*Who was the genius who thought of the "brain drain" as a good electoral issue. It basically amounts to telling the electorate that they are too stupid to make it in the States.

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