Sunday, May 06, 2007

Whither Pith & Substance?

Those sensible souls who avoid meta-blogging should skip this next bit.

Some have written in to say how pointless are those blogs without any focus based on the proprietor's (relative) expertise. I suppose it's interesting that Brad DeLong thinks George Bush and Dick Cheney should be impeached, and that the media is unfair to his political perspective, but were it not for the fact that he is an expert in economics and can express this expertise well, I doubt I would return very often.

The loss of Supreme Court of Canada case blogging obviously could render this site nothing more than my rants and meditations on stuff I don't really know much about. I am "opinionated and vain", but I'm not opinionated and vain enough to think that people will keep coming back for that.

The Court is a fine website, but it is narrowly focused on recent SCC decisions. There is much to say about the constitutional present. But what is this thing -- the Canadian constitution -- which Good Queen Bev and her crew are screwing up? It's a constitution "similar in principle to that of the United Kingdom", so it imports the whole constitutional history from Runneymede to Bagehot. It develops out of British colonial policy to a French Catholic polity in North America through Durham to the Confederation debates. And someone in the blogosphere needs to stand up for the Privy Council. There is a lot there, and it would be interesting to see if it can be made into reasonable blog fodder.

If I have a thought about anything that could be a blog post, I'm not going to let my internal editor stop me form posting it. Turning off that editor is the key to blogging at all. So who knows what you will get. But I will come back to the Anglo-Canadian constitutional history theme.

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