Sunday, January 20, 2008

George Grant on Sixties Southern Resistance: "Last Ditch Stand of a Local Culture"

It's worth noting that Canada's own favourite paleoconservative, George Grant, occasionally expressed sympathy for the South's resistance to racial integration. From Lament for a Nation:

The classes that opposed Roosevelt were spent forces by 1965. The leaders of the new capitalism supported Johnson. Goldwater's cry for limited government seemed as antediluvian to the leaders of the corporations as Diefenbaker's nationalism seemed to the same elements in Canada. Johnson was supported not only by such obvious groups as Negroes and labour but also by the new managerial bourgeoisie of the suburbs. The farmers, who were supposed to be the last bastion of individualism, were not slow in voting for the continuation of subsidies. Four of Goldwater's five states were in the South. This was the last ditch stand of a local culture. But it is doomed to disappear as much as an indigenous French Canada.

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