Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Harper Shoots His Mouth Off

Much in the Canadian media over the last few months about how Stephen Harper has effectively muzzled his caucus, who, we can assume, are inbred lunatics likely to say sexist, racist things and defecate on the Governor General's carpet if the PMO doesn't keep them in line.

But Harper himself talks unwisely. Over the weekend he announced that the Iranian government was "capable" of forcing Jews to wear distinctive badges, even though he had no evidence that it had done so. (And the story now seems to be clearly false.)

Harper's moralistic foreign policy is probably a few degrees less confused than the NDP/BQ's moralistic interventionist/pacifist policy. The Liberals, thank God, have no foreign policy at all. But we really do not need the Canadian Prime Minister stirring up that particular hornets' nest on the basis of false news.

Update: Iran gets even more sinister. (Via Jim Henley.)

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