Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Vile neocon borrows litigiously

The unspeakable Mark Steyn appears to have borrowed generously from Geoff Pullum of Language Log posts ridiculing the prose stylings of the Da Vinci Code, and then threatened litigation when asked for credit.

Steyn's MacLean's review is here. The original Pullum posts are here and here.

(Via bitchphd).

Update: Crooked Timber has a very learned comment thread on the ethical implications of Steyn's heavy lifting. It's like watching some rabbis at the top of their game going at it over when ox-goring is sufficiently addressed by money payment, and when it requires stoning. Not to be missed.

Update 2: Lyle Neff has penned a completely original piece for Dooney's Cafe proving that Jesus Christ's descendents in fact trained polar bears to guard their grow ops here for centuries. Any suggestion that he was influenced in any way by recent badly-written and factually-dubious bestsellers may result in legal action with no further notice to you.

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