Friday, May 12, 2006


A wise man once told me that the key to any travel writing is to generalize irresponsibly from your experience. So blame him if this post wastes 3 seconds of your life.

I just got back from Calgary, a place I'd never really been to before, and now the centre of the sweet Chinese-demand driven universe.

Most things I expected. Nice backdrop of snow-peaked mountains, everybody talking real estate prices, a lot of recent hastily-converted Oilers fans.

But what I didn't expect was all the Bruce Cockburn. "Lovers in a dangerous time" in a downtown bar is one thing. But they had some really irritating, mid-80s leftist groupthink thing called "Laugh", where he laughs at all the bourgeois meat eaters or something at a Tim Horton's near the airport.

Calgary is an English Canadian city. In the end, hippie values will triumph.

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