Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Empired Strike Back

Newsweek has a copy of the Maliki government's reconciliation plan, which includes demanding a timetable for US withdrawal and amnesty for insurgents. Not too different from what the strange coalition of Zbigniew Brzezinski , the Iraqi Communist Party and Pith and Substance have been calling for.

One hopes that Bush has the sense to declare victory and get out.

Update: The first news about what the Administration plans to do in response is good news. (Via Josh Marshall).

Update 2: Via Henley, I point you to Chris Allbritton's posting of an English version of the reconciliation plan. He complains that it is vague. That's not a bug -- that's a feature.


CharleyCarp said...

Don't be too sure. Bubba wants a big victory, and the Republicans need to be seen as giving it to him.

PithLord said...

Ah, by this point Bubba wants to go home. Maybe blow something else up, but Iraq is getting boring.