Monday, June 26, 2006

Things I was expected to believe because I would be a bad person if I didn't

The rules are that (a) someone has to have actually asked you to believe this; (b) it was implicit or explicit that you would be a worse person if you disbelieved it; (c) no evidence was provided to overcome the objections of ordinary experience or common sense:

Gender differences wouldn't exist if it weren't for TV ads.

You can describe the physical appearance of someone of a different race without first mentioning their race.

Québec separatism has nothing to do with "ethnic nationalism".

The average gay man is just as masculine as the average straight man. The average Olympic male figure skater is just as straight as the average hockey player.

Jesus loves me.

Rates of violent crime do not vary between Torontonians of Jamaican descent and those of Scottish descent.

Iraqis love "freedom" in the sense understood by the median Texan.

Squeegee people provide a valuable service.

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