Friday, August 11, 2006

Vive la France

Looks like France bailed the US and Israel out of a tricky situation.

I hope that Lebanon's politicians can do something with the newfound unity in their country to build the capacity of their state, although I wouldn't count on it. I wish the new UNFIL the best of luck.

Much to worry about -- but for now, it is a triumph of French diplomacy. After all the bullshit in the last five years, the White House had to admit that it needed the Elysée.

Update: Child blogger Matthew Yglesias has earned the right to gloat. He's like, fifteen, and he outstrategized the Israeli cabinet. (I also sympathize with his hastily retracted proposal to eugenically sterilize Mel Gibson, although I have to admit that the doubts about the continuing authority of Buck v. Bell and the non-existence of a "poetic justice" exception to the Fourteenth Amendment might render this constitutionally problematic.

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