Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Challenge to the Legal Profession

Via Lindsay Beyerstein, take a look at this interview with Dr. Steven Miles, a bioethicist who has been immersing himself in the details of torture in Iraq and Guantanamo. Beyerstein points to Dr. Miles' point that beheadings against Western nationals began after the Abu Ghraib photos came out.

I want to take note of Dr. Miles' challenge to the legal profession:

A complaint for unprofessional conduct was filed with the California Medical Board against a Guantanamo physician. The Board refused to process the complaint. This kind of accountability is important. I get asked this question a lot by lawyers who, by the way have done nothing with regard to the lawyers who wrote the policy memoranda which led the U.S. to evade the Geneva conventions. When are the lawyers going to bring Yoo, Delahunty, Gonzales, et al., before the Bar to answer for their malfeasance?

Neither profession is likely to act soon. However, Bush is not going to be in power forever. This is definitely one to put in the calendar for 2015.

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