Monday, September 04, 2006

To Coin a Phrase

One consistent theme from Mark Steyn (and doubtless lesser lights in the jingoist chorus) -- dating back to his immediate reaction to 9/11 -- is his admiration for the jihadis' manliness and his disgust at the West's femininity and liberalism. He's not just for the "war" -- he's on the other side.


Fred S. said...

Nice use of scare quotes. I guess those bombs in New York, London, Madrid, inter alia were all in my imagination.

p.s. I really like your "blog".

PithLord said...

The bombs are real. The idea that the effort to combat it is a war is not. Drugs are real and poverty is real, but the wars against them are nothing more than authoritarain metaphors. Less dangrous authoritarain metaphors than the "war on terror."

Anyway, thanks for the p.s.