Friday, September 08, 2006

Next Time Me, Mohammed and Moishe Are Goin' West Jet

The Poor Man points to some bad racial profiling on Air Canada Jazz. "Bad", not just in a moral sense, but in the way the young Pithlord was bad at dodgeball (apparently, you are supposed to keep your eyes open when people throw balls at you or something).

Anyway, it seems that some passengers noticed a gentleman with an odd hair style, who covered his head and rocked back and forth while reading and muttering. The passengers -- long-time Montrealers -- had no trouble recognizing a Hasid, but a flight attendant asked him to leave.

So far, showing its noted instinct for customer relations, Air Canada has refused to apologize: the situation was "delicate" and they had received "more than one complaint," about possible Muslimness, presumably by Religious Studies majors. Who are going to do really badly on their midterms.

The Pithlord, like everyone else in the Dominion, hates Air Canada with a mighty passion, and is not inclined to think well of it. I am still a bit amazed by spokeswoman Manon Stewart, "The crew had to act in the interest of the majority of the passengers." Who knows what kind of trouble praying to the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob will stir up with Baal and Ashtoreth?

None of my "Israel can do no wrong and we need racial profiling at the airports" friends have responded to my bating on this incident.

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