Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Technical Announcement

commenting and trackback have been added to this blog.

Typekey authentication doesn't exist yet, so I'm going to moderate comments. The downside is that yours may not show up until I get around to moderating. But the alternative isn't pretty...

Update: I seem to have lost all the existing comments in the transition. I suspect this was human error on my part. Apologies!

More Optimistic Update: A technically-skilled person on the Haloscan discussion board tells me that the old comments aren't gone, but are just hidden. Another such person has provided code that may allow the Pith & Substance technical staff to fix this problem.

I must say that experiencing the generosity of nerds leavens my austere Augustinian view of post-lapsarian human nature.

Another Update: Well, it involved a lot of manual work, but I got the old comments into Haloscan back to the beginning of July. I took the opportunity to attribute the comments that are clearly the work of the Literatus to him. There are a small number of comments, mostly from MSS, before then, which I will someday get around to Haloscanning.

Final Update: I realize that I used the phrase "manual work" to refer to highlighting with a mouse, copying and pasting. I need to get outside.

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